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Best Flooring Solutions

We recognize that your flooring is a major investment and take great pride in creating a quality product that will bring long-term value to your home.

Whether you own a new home that needs new flooring installation, or just looking to improve your existing one ADR Flooring can handle all aspects of your project.

Latest Video

The photos in our gallery are all works completed by ADR Flooring . We have many more photos for specific tasks we perform. We do work in, but are not limited to, the following categories.

  • Unfinished hardwood floor installation sanding & finishing

  • Parque installation

  • Stairs installation sanding & finishing

  • Custom borders

  • Glue down engineered flooring

  • Exercise & Gym flooring

  • Tile & wood

Searching for your flooring? You're in the right place!

  • Providing top quality services
    We provide professional and experienced hardwood floor refinishing and recoating services. Our dustless sanding equipment is state of the art, and we only use the very best wood floor refinishing and recoating products .
  • Providing a piece of interest in your home
    If your wooden floor is starting to look a little worn perhaps all you need to do is refinish it for the floor to get a shinier look again .
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